Monday, 20 February 2012

So Many Things To Be Thankful For...

A million and one things to be thankful for, even when all seems to be going bottoms-up:

For the love of family, who are always there no matter what;

For the companionship of friends, listening and cheering through it all;

For the beauty of each new day, and all the opportunities it brings with it;

For the joy of work, and the day-to-day self actualizations that come with it;

For the beauty of delightful laughter, oh the ever potent aphrodisiac;

For the joy of budding friendships, and the thrill of building new associations;

For the end of those relationships, and the bitter-sweet memories and lessons learned;

For the essense of life, even with its ups and downs;

For the challenges that come my way, and the feel of exhilaration with each challenge surmounted;

For the hope of a future and an eager expectancy of the unknowns that come with it;

For the joy of reading, and the boundless vistas it throws open;

For the sound of good music, an ever soothing balm to the soul;

For the decadent texture of luxurious dark chocolate, and its sinful guilty pleasures;

For the ability to muse at simple everyday events;

For the kindness of  strangers, who unveil another side of humanity;

For having a great education, not many have the opportunity;

For the chance to listen to uplifting messages, that in an instant turns my mindset around;

For the joys of dancing, oh, with reckless abandon;

For the delight of listening to sweet gossip, that offers a sneak preview into the lives of others;

For the beauty of seeing sweet faced giggling children, who have not a care in the world;

So many things to be thankful for, even when life seems topsy-turvy

And for all these and more, I am truly thankful to be alive!

What are YOU thankful for?

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19th Feb. 2012, 11:47pm


  1. I'm thankful for everything most especially for the gift of life! Thumbs up Doyin!

  2. Iyunoluwa, you're a darling!I'm thankful our paths crossed ways.

  3. I'm thankful for family and friends,my tears, my smiles n above all my life. Doyin nice!

  4. lol.I love the tears aspect. Naughty Bisi. Thanks love!

  5. Am thankful for the gift of life... n especially for all the wonderful people God has brought my way in this life's journey...Good one Su

  6. i'm thankful for the gift of love - my life overflows with so much love

  7. I'm grateful for the mistakes made and lessons learnt; helped me grow. I'm grateful i have a friend like Doyin.

  8. i'm grateful for my family.

  9. I'm grateful for life and living; for my friends and enemies alike.

  10. I'm thankful for the gift of life... Because each day is a gift and a chance to live life your style, a chance to right your wrongs and a chance to love...

  11. @ A.Seyi: we sure do have a lot to be thankful for. E sha moo! Loool

    @ Dolu: Yeah, they say love is the greatest gift of all ;-)

    @ Nike: how can I thank you enough? You're ah-mayzing!!!


  12. @ Damola: yeah, I connect. So am I! :-)

    @ Debola: Dang! I forgot to include haters! Looool

    @ Bussie: hmmnnn! Word!!!

  13. Super. Great piece. Thank you for showing us that we can be grateful for everyday little blessings we otherwise take for granted.

    1. Thank you so much, Femi! Trust that you're doing well.

  14. carrolee Veracuzzz22 February 2012 at 18:15

    I'm grateful for boyfriends past, even more grateful that I didn't settle *phew* Nice write up dee *winkwink*

    1. YOU JUST HAD TO GO THERE, VERACUZ! loool Trust me, I relate. *winkwink* Thanks darl, do keep checking for more!

  15. for the super gift of salvation that opens us to a whole new world of possibilities

    1. Hmmmn... How on earth did I miss that out?! *scratching head* loool

  16. Ah! I'm thankful for so much, and I'm well reminded! There's much to be thankful for. Thanks 0'ma'.