Wednesday, 21 September 2011

On The Edge of Affluence

I wrote this while on 3rd Mainland Bridge, inspired by the thoughts of what could possibly be going through the minds of the inhabitants of Makoko, those shanties on the river just before you get to the island. What do they really aspire to? They live just on the edge of affluence, just next to one of the most expensive locations in Africa. Recently read in a magazine, some of the island dwellers, visiting Makoko to hand out food and second hand clothes. While noble, these do not empower them for a future.  The futility of these short sighted gestures must be maddening.This poem tries to view the situation through the eyes of a Makoko child. Enjoy.

I see them come and go,
 yet in my mind I know.

Though they come looking meek,
 my future still is bleak.

Perhaps its to calm their ailing hearts,
they give us all their little grants.

The poverty which eats me is a monster,
 nothing could be more sinister.

Not words, or food, or fake comforts,
but hope, a future, my comfort.

I see them come and go,
 yet in my mind I know.

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I'm a Blogger!!!

Okay, so now I'm officially a blogger! Yippie!!!

Thing is, I really plan to give this a shot. So, I'll be dedicating quite a bit of my time to this blogging business, y'know choosing a direction for it and all, or what the heck, I'll just let it flow as it comes.

To start with, how about sharing a bit of my early poems with you all. I love tham and I'm sure you will too.

We'll see how it goes from there...... :-)