Tuesday, 31 July 2012

What Is a Peacock Without Its Feathers?

"I feel for the peacock. Upon all its pride, they have cut it all off. I can't imagine a peacock without its feathers"

Those were the words of my younger sister as I was dusting the peacock feathers in a vase in my room.

And it got me thinking. What is a peacock without its feathers? A crippled dog is still a loveable pet. A blind cow can still churn out milk. An old lion is still king of the jungle. A beak-less chicken can still produce eggs. But what is a peacock without its feathers?

There is danger in ONE. Being defined by one thing. Plowing our whole being into just one aspect of life and neglecting the rest. What is a 'spinster' without marriage? What is a wife without her husband? What is a mother without her children? What is a career-oriented person without that job? What is a sports person with failing health? What is a socialite with a battered reputation?

How many aspects of being can we sum our lives up in? Or are we truly lost when our one part is gone?

I couldn't help but wonder - can we still define ourselves when one important aspect of our life is cut off?

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Breaking Free!

Who needs another one, who runs you down and makes you feel never good enough?

Who needs another one, who hurts your soul by their incessant coming and going?

Who needs to hold on, to the hurts and pains and regrets of dreams dashed?

Who needs to hold on, to the bags of hurt gifted us by those we once cared deeply about?

Who needs to be, bogged and haunted down by the memories of times past?

Who needs to feel, forever guilty for no just cause and happenings that couldn't be helped?

Shaking free from unpleasant memories, stepping lightly forward. Cutting ties from those who batter our being so badly, reaching out to embrace true love. Getting up, when we stumble and fall, keeping faith when all hope is lost. Re-prioritizing our definition of what is dear, unburdening our hearts and embracing life as it comes.

Who needs to be blinded by hurt, when life's true blessings unfold before our eyes daily?