Monday, 8 October 2012

Of Boundaries, Stones and Bridges

Based on events of Thursday, 4th October 2012.

On Boundaries...

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Life is full of routine, exploring further is hard work. And so, when we take the same route to work everyday, really, of what use is seeking out alternate routes? When we always succeed by doing things a certain way, somehow, the quest to seek other ways of doing things more efficiently dies in us. In turn, we build invisible boundaries around ourselves, our aspirations, our dreams, our patterns. We fail to challenge. We'll rather not dream BIG. We fail to stretch. We constrict ourselves.

Other times, our boundaries are visible. We encounter a wall and then turn around. Not peeping over the wall to get a peek of what's on the other side. Our bosses stonewall our suggestions and rather than push a bit harder for conversation, we avoid. I by no means intend to sound sanctimonious. Pushing through boundaries does indeed require extra effort. And it is hard for ALL of us to make a conscious effort to do it. But what if we at least try? What if we seek new paths? What if we talk to that seemingly "cold" person? Maybe, we would fail and be let down.... Or maybe we would succeed and be delighted beyond bounds... Definitely, we would have tried, and we would have learnt.

On Stones...

Stepping stones, they call them. Intended to raise our feet above the surface of water or mud while walking. (

Very apt, I'll say as we all indeed go through quite murky circumstances.  Now I think... How often have I made use of all the resources intended to guide me through life, education, love, finances? Do I wade through the murk when I could be better aided by these stepping stones and come out on the other side smelling of roses? Or do I ignore the stones and being headstrong, decide to chart my own way through, praying to come out on the other side successful? Am I even aware of the presence of these stones?

And when I do get on these stones, slip and fall, do I curse the stone and vow never ever to get on it again? Or do I posture myself better and get a firmer grip? A wealth of knowledge abounds. From researching, from discussing with other people, from meditating, from doing. How often and how well do I use my stepping stones?

On Bridges...

a connecting... route...between two adjacent elements (

What bridges have I crossed to get to where I am? Have they been shaky or sturdy? What have I left behind? What have I walked towards? Have I walked alone? Have others been of help along the way? Have I scurried along the bridge fearfully? Did I appreciate my surroundings and circumstances as I walked? 
Would I make use of these bridges again? Do I never want to see what I left behind? Has my journey been so so rough that I now wish to reconstruct this bridge for others? With every progress we make, every success we celebrate, we cross a bridge.