Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Folly of Zero Tolerance

The zero tolerance policy
For dissenting opinions and differing views

Is the greatest folly of us all
Yet it shows up in many of our dealings

From the boss who thinks and says he is open to ideas
Yet, disregarding of the opinions of his workers for - 'what do they know?"

To the parents who act accessible to their kids
Yet prevent them from following their dreams - for "they are too young"

To the politician who advertises his accessibility to the electorate
Yet is totally oblivious to their cries and sufferings - for after all, "governance is hard"

To the believer who believes and preaches that their God is love, all embracing,
Yet blatantly hating one with "a sinful sexual preference"

The zero tolerance policy for dissenting opinions and differing views...

Only when we open our minds,
To the shades of gray that exist between the black and white
To the realization that not one road leads to a destination
To the knowledge that our way
Is not necessarily the right way

And become
Accepting of the nuances of others
Empathetic at the actions of others
Understanding of the views of others

Only then, can we sojourn towards a freedom of the mind, breaking free from our intolerance!

Life isn't all black or white!
Pic: Google Images


  1. Lovely post! I'm proud of ya!

  2. Just seeing this for the first time... i like!

    1. Interesting. E good say I re-post am on facebook o.

  3. absolutely loving it.. God help me to always remember there can be two rights... thanks darling.. love doluwa